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Director Slapped for Hand on Male Actor’s Thigh

Director-Slapped-for-Hand-on-Navajith-Narayan-ThighThere are three things that are being discussed lately and they are casting couch, casting couch, casting couch and nothing else discussed and debated like casting couch. If you think that only the female actresses are facing the issue, here is a male actor who confronted a casting couch incident.

Navajith Narayan is a young and talented actor in Malayalam Movie Industry. He joined the discussion on casting couch by revealing that even men are also facing the menace. Once a director asked him what would he get in return if he gives an opportunity for Navajith. The young actor slapped the director because he placed his hands on Navajith’s thigh.

Further, the director didn’t remove his hand even after a ‘No’ from the actor and hence, the slap. The revelation throws light on how the aspiring actors and artists are seen as vulnerable people who can be used for fulfilling their sexual and selfish desires.

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