Director slapped & attacked by a wanna be Casting couch is one of the bitter truths of film industry. Especially in Bollywood many actresses came out in open to open up the nasty and ugly truths of casting couch in B’Town. The latest is a wanna be actress by name Manisha Kumari who boldly gave a shock to one director who she alleges for asking favours.

Everything happened in a cinematic way. The music launch event of one Bollywood film ‘Mumbai Can Dance Saala’ is happening. The event was going on smoothly. Suddenly a wanna be actress Manisha Kumari rushed onto the sets, attacked the director of the film Suchendra Sharma and slapped him right on his face.

People present there were shocked to see this attack and the counter attack of the director on the actress. In this episode, Bollywood bombshell Rakhi Sawant was also present and she happens to be the friend of the actress who slapped the director. The attack happened in the name of casting couch where the director said to the actress to do whatever he wants if she wants to get a role in his film.

After the incident both Rakhi Sawanth and her actress friend Manisha Kumari went to the police station to file the case on Sharma. Surprisingly, Rakhi who was the part of the film also said, “Yes, I was present there. He asked her for favours.” But the director says that it is a publicity stunt and one knows what drama queen Rakhi Sawanth is.