Seesa single shot telugu movie detailsThe concept of single shot film seems to be quite interesting. Actor Shivaji’s upcoming movie ‘Seesaa’ is a single shot movie where the director Eshak has shot the entire 2 hours plus movie in one shot. Is it really as simple as it sounds?

Speaking on this concept of single shot, Shivaji gives clarification that a single shot movie doesn’t mean a work of only 2 hours plus. The director of the movie Eshak had rehearsed every single scene for one year to get an idea to shoot in single shot.

He also rehearsed several times with his friends playing the characters. Then even the actors had to rehearse each and every bit of the movie in single shot. That’s how Shivaji took time to rehearse for ‘Seesaa’ and then finally go for a single shot. Even if a thing goes wrong, they have to shoot the entire film from the beginning.