Director In Helpless Situation After 300 Cr FiascoRadhe Shyam turned out to be a huge fiasco at the box office, and everyone related to the film has moved on. But one person who has been affected the most because of its failure is undoubtedly its director Radha Krishna.

Because of Radhe Shyam’s fate, he has no projects in his hand. No star or even a tier-2 actor is ready to commit to a film with him. On top of that, he is facing the ire of Prabhas fans on a daily basis on social media.

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On the occasion of Independence day, he posted a tweet to wish everyone, but he turned off the comments. Because of the fear of getting trolled badly by Prabhas fans, Radha Krishna can’t even post a proper tweet.

Many are feeling pity for Radha Krishna’s helpless situation but are also saying that his situation should become a lesson to every maker who wastes 300 crores by taking Prabhas for granted and delivering a dud.

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