Director Pushes Fans To Fight All NightA Twitter spaces session has been arranged on Wednesday night to commomerate the Jayanthi of Legendary Director EVV Satynarayana. Several Writers and Directors of Tollywood has attended it and shared their experiences and inspiration from the director and his films.

Director Harish Shankar spoke at length about it and went on to say he regretted his favorite hero Megastar Chiranjeevi not doing Hello Brother (starring Nagarjuna). Akkineni fans were offended with that and started a discussion about how the movie is best suited only for Nagarjuna.

Harish later spoke once again in the session and went on to say it is quite common for a fan to imagine his favorite hero in every Blockbuster film. He said something like if you are offended with that, you continue to feel offended (referring to Akkineni fans).

This has ignited fire between Akkineni and Chiranjeevi fans. Chiranjeevi fans owned Harish and ridiculed Nagarjuna and his fans. Akkineni fans also reiterated hurling taunts on Chiranjeevi and his acting abilities to do a film like Hello Brother (particularly Ravi Varma character).

This has become a huge rift between both sides and they were seen fighting all night. The issue would have been avoided if Harish conveyed his explanation in a subdued tone.