Director Puri JagannadhPuri Jagannadh’s podcasts have been gaining a lot of popularity for the depth in his analyses on different topics and the unique casual style of narration he follows with his own experiences.

His latest podcast discussed the importance of saving flop movies as he analysed that if two hundred movies were made in a year, there would only be ten movies that would be among the blockbusters and hits. The remaining 190 would be flop movies.

Reviewers and critics pounce on these movies forgetting that this category forms the majority and gives employment for cine worker, technicians and actors throughout the year. If not for them, there wouldn’t be sufficient work for the artists in the industry.

Instead of killing those movies with zero-star and one-star ratings for a flop movie, the reviewers and critics can try to save the opportunities of the artists and technicians.

He reminded that magazines, websites, paper ads and many others get income due to the films. But, when a flop movie is dejected, the artists, technicians and workers lose their work.

Producing a movie is a game and the business might turn him into a paupar. Still, the producer makes movies out of passion, Puri appealed the critics not to kill the passion.

Giving average talk will not save the producer. At least, it wouldn’t kill the opportunities. Puri finally said, “Stop giving live updates on a newly released movie. ”