prakash kovelamudi kangana ranautRubbishing the rumors and reports that Kangana Ranaut interfered with the shooting of her upcoming release ‘Mental Hai Kya’ and also has reshot some of the scenes, director Kovelamudi Prakash said that she was director’s actor.

But, given to her background, it’s hard to believe the director’s version. People aren’t familiar with the director and commanding big names, power house performers like Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao is certainly a Herculean task.

The director is hardly seen in media and not a popular name though he happens to be the son of one of the stalwarts of the Telugu Film Industry, director K Raghavender Rao.

Though this will go on for some time, by and by, more details on the rumors and the director’s version will come out. Why make haste? Let’s wait.