Director Opens Up About His AddictionNot often do we see film celebrities opening up about their addictions. They like to keep all their addictions and vulnerabilities to themselves. But that is not the case with Vetri Maaran, a renowned filmmaker down south.

“I started smoking while I was 13. While shooting for my first film, I used to smoke 150-160 cigarettes a day. One fine day, I watched Surya S/O Krishnan and this film changed my life for good. Somehow I decided to quit smoking and the last cigarette I smoked was while I was coming out from the theater,” he said.

Vetri says he hasn’t smoked a cigarette in 10 years and the last one he smoked was, as mentioned above, while coming out of the theater after watching Surya S/O Krishnan.

Surya S/O Krishnan, starring Suriya is directed by Gautam Vasudev Menon and it deals with substance abuse and the adverse effects it can have on one’s life. The film has a moving plot which has a deep underlying message. Well, it did help Vetri Maaran in getting over his smoking addiction.

Vetri Maaran previously helmed films like Asuran(later remade as Narappa in Telugu), Visaranai, Vada Chennai, and others. His next project is Viduthalai, which features Soori and Vijay Sethupathi.