Director OmkarAfter enjoying success on the small screen, Ohmkar shifted his focus to the silver screen. He shot to limelight as director with Raju Gari Gadhi (2015). The first film stood as a hit and then he went on to continue the franchise under Raju Gari Gadhi series.

However, the other two films were disasters. Usually once the series ends up as a dud, the filmmaker steers away from the genre and tries to reinvent himself. But Ohmkar seems to differ as he is now working on the script for Raju Gari Gadhi 4.

It makes us one wonder as to what is driving Ohmkar to make another film in the franchise. To continue the installment, the films have to be successful or none dares to take the risk having been proved wrong twice. Looks like Ohmkar is giving a wrong impression of himself.

Being a filmmaker and scriptwriter one has dabbled in a wide variety of genres. But Ohmkar with his last few films has restricted himself to horror-comedy. It makes us question if he is comfortable only with one particular genre or if he doesn’t want to explore himself. All in all, Ohmkar is certainly giving the wrong impression by continuing the ‘flop’ series.