Naga-ShouryaWe expect only good memories to be associated with Naga Shaurya’s ‘Chalo’ as it was a super hit film that showed him as a different hero, away from his usual lover boy image. But, Naga Shaurya seems to have been carrying some bad memories associated with it.

A gap developed between Naga Shaurya and director Venky Kudumula. Naga Shaurya says he doesn’t know the reason for the gap. He was the one who gave the first chance for the struggling assistant director and also produced the movie for his sake.

Naga Shaurya’s mother treated Venky Kudumula as her son and even gifted him with a car after ‘Chalo’ success. Surprisingly, the director cut off all the ties from Naga Shaurya’s family, switched off his phone, changed his number and even exchanged the car gifted by Naga Shaurya’s mother. Venky has been using another car, according to the hero.

The ‘Ashwathama’ hero says, he doesn’t know the reason, and he wouldn’t ask for an explanation. “Even, if he wants to come, I’ll not allow him,” said Naga Shaurya who thinks that it might be the director’s original nature that he didn’t know of when they used to be friends for four years.