Shraddha-Das-manaraIn a recent interview actress Shraddha Das spoke about the treatment she meted out by Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Mannara. During the shooting of her Bollywood flick ‘Zid’, Sharddha accused Mannara of intentionally beating her up and injuring her to the extent that she was even hospitalised for the same.

Speaking on the issue, the director of the film Anubhav Sinha says, “Yes, Shraddha was injured during a scene but I don’t know the details. I prefer not to get involved in such matters. I read in some places that the injury was deliberate but that’s between them.” This statement of the director is only showing how unconcerned he is about the treatment one of his actresses received on his sets.

Can he be so oblivious? Many say that Mannara being Priyanka’s cousin is receiving all the protection and no one wants to go against her. And Anubhav Sinha’s reaction on Shraddha’s episode is a proof of extreme unprofessionalism and biased state of affairs in Bollywood. Sad!