Director Maruthi’s hero’s ashamed to star in his films

Director Maruthi might be looked highly among the trade for his consecutive successful films and niche he has created for himself but the heroes who starred in his films think otherwise. For example take actor Srinivas who starred in the director’s debut movie Eerojullo, he says that he felt really uncomfortable to say to parents that he has acted in the movie and when he finally said that the response his father gave him made him really embarrassed.

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A similar sentiment is echoed by actor Prince as well who was hero in the director’s second film Bus Stop. However the actor wasn’t as condescending as Srinivas and he maintains that he had only heard the part related to his role in the film during the narration and was mighty impressed with it. Add to his role the fact that a successful director like, Maruthi along with successful producer like Bellamkonda Suresh being behind the film made him instantly agree to the film.

Whatever may be the end result it really is embarrassing for the actors to fully enjoy the movie’s success with friends and relatives because of the kind of content they have. Director Maruthi too seems to be realizing this and is already seen moving away from such films. Prema Katha Chithram is a fine example of him moving away and we hope for the director’s longevity sake that he stays away from such film in future as well.

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