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Maruthi Revealed Sunil’s Biggest Mistake!

Director Maruthi Revealed Sunil Biggest Mistake!Maruthi’s directorial ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ (BBM) turned out to be a blockbuster and gave a huge lift to the director’s career and settled Nani as the most successful among the young heroes. Maruthi revealed an interesting tidbit about ‘BBM’.

He narrated the line to Sunil first. The comedian turned hero wanted the director to change the flavor of the movie to action mode. Maruthi didn’t want to do that as he wanted to make it a simple love story. After simplifying it, he went to Nani and the rest we know.

This must be Sunil’s biggest mistake. He is struggling really hard to find space among the young heroes, but the choice of his films isn’t helping him much. Losing BBM is something like a mistake which cannot be undone. Surely, lucky stars aren’t smiling on Sunil, otherwise, he would have judged the story, properly. His judgment went wrong.