Maruthi Walked out of His Debut Project?Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma happily shared her baby bump feeling happy for turning mother for the first time. However, a female journo made some comments on Anushka’s pregnancy.

She wrote, “He has made you pregnant. Not the queen of England, hold on to your horses.” Since then, the journo has been receiving backlash for her disgraceful comments. Director Maruthi wrote a lengthy message regarding the same.

He wrote, “Disgraceful comments… that too from a lady journalist. Motherhood is a bigger joy than being the queen of England. Yes, every woman is a queen and every happy home is a kingdom.”

Like every normal woman, even Anushka Sharma has the right to feel happy and flaunt her baby bump opined the director. The majority of users on social media platforms has been expressing the same opinion as Maruthi.