Director Losing Sleep Seeing RRR Success!There is a long-standing trend related to Rajamouli and his heroes. Every time a hero scores a blockbuster with Rajamouli’s film, he immediately tastes failure with his immediate next film. Films like Saaho (after Baahubali), Orange (after Magadheera), Kantri (after Yamadonga) prove the same. It is evident that it is not easy for Rajamouli’s heroes to score a hit with their immediate next film.

Now, Rajamouli has delivered a blockbuster with RRR . Ram Charan and Jr NTR are basking in the success of the magnum opus action drama. Interestingly enough, they are working with the same director, Koratala Siva for their upcoming individual projects.

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While Charan will be seen in Acharya, NTR is likely to commence NTR 30 soon. If handling one of Rajamouli’s heroes isn’t difficult enough, Koratala Siva is having to handle both of them.

Rajamouli explored the true potential of these two stars and extracted the very best performances from them in RRR. Their towering performances complemented Rajamouli-mark taking. The film has out and out mass appeal.

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The expectations will be high on Acharya, which releases on 29 April, and NTR30 which will commence soon. After a mass feast with RRR, both sets of fans are expecting something on similar lines next.

But Siva usually emphasizes on subtle elevations and emotions. It remains to be seen how Siva will handle the expectations set on these projects. Netizens are now commenting that Koratala Siva might be losing his sleep over RRR’s blockbuster success as the onus is now on him to deliver winning films with both the heroes next.

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