Koratala Siva, Koratala Siva Thirunavukkarasu, Koratala Siva Thirunavukkarasu Differences, Rumour Koratala Siva Thirunavukkarasu Differences, Joke Koratala Siva Thirunavukkarasu Differences, Koratala Siva Cinematographer Thirunavukkarasu Differences, Director Koratala Siva Cinematographer Thirunavukkarasu DifferencesThere had been a rumour that there had been coordination issues between director Koratala Siva and cinematographer S.Thirunavukkarasu while working for ‘Janata Garage’. Rumours said that they weren’t gelling well.

The audio launch event of the film will definitely put an end to such baseless rumours. In the audio launch event, Koratala Siva was seen praising Thiru very high and how he had been his inspiration and excitement throughout the making of the movie. It’s because of him that the director could elevate the film higher and higher day by day.

NTR was also seen praising the cinematographer very high. He said that Thiru turned his favourite cinematographer today because he is the visual wonder behind ‘Janata Garage’ who grew from being the assistant of his favourite DOP P.C.Sreeram for his favourite film ‘Kshatriya Putrudu’. NTR said he was honoured to have worked with such a talented DOP. Hope this will put an end to the rumor.