Director Just Said The Title of His Film, Allu Arjun Is ShockedPopular Writer Diamond Ratna Babu is directing Collection King Mohanbabu in a film titled Son of India. The movie production has been completed but is yet to release. Diamond Ratna Babu in an interview revealed narrating a story to Allu Arjun.

“I went to Bunny through Producer Bunny Vas. He asked me about the title and I said ‘Gaalodu’. He is taken back by surprise. Later, when I narrated the story, he liked it. It is in a regular commercial format Bunny said,” the writer turned director revealed.

“The story is similar to the style of Boyapati Srinu and VV Vinayak. Why should I work with you when they are already there, he asked and that made me think. From then, I ensured there is something new in my films,” Ratna Babu added.

Ratna Babu’s maiden directorial, Burra Katha failed at the box office and he is looking forward to the release of his Son of India.