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Director Spewing Venom on Trivikram to Apologise

Director-Jerome-Salle-Spewing-Venom-on-Trivikram-Srinivas-to-Apologise‘Agnyaathavaasi’ disaster is like a nightmare to not only for the audiences but also for the makers of the movie. Though it is now a past, the headaches of the film are still haunting the producers and the black mark on Trivikram isn’t going to get erased anytime soon.

According to a report in TOI, the French film director Jerome Salle who directed the original movie is very serious and totally irritated by the silence of the team even after sending legal notices to the production house. He is pissed off with the behavior of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ team, not responding to the allegations, right from the beginning.

He wants the makers to respond and if necessary tend an apology. By using the phrase that he is ‘single-minded’ on this issue, it’s very clear that Jerome Salle isn’t going to stop until there is a proper answer on free-making his film in Telugu, copying even the fights and sets.

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