According to a common belief among the people, the artists and technicians working in the film industry have more opportunities to spoil themselves getting addicted to alcohol, smoking, non-veg food and affairs with girls.

When asked the same, the director of ‘A Film with Aravind’ and ‘Aravind 2’, Sekhar Suri laughed at the question and reminded that the above vices aren’t any qualification to become a director. There are no such courses in FdA (Film & Media Arts Courses) which would be considered these as qualifications.

Shekhar Suri contradicted with the popular opinion that the director of a film is a captain of a film and said, “Who said that? He is the prostitute of the ship, fu***d by everybody?” This is just the promo from the director’s upcoming frank interview with Shekhar Suri. He has got to share some shocking things with the audiences. Just wait.