Indraganti On His Projects With Chiru and MaheshIndraganti Mohan Krishna is considered to be one of the most sensible writers/directors in Tollywood post-2000s. Irrespective of the box office fate, his films have always been unique and had something to say. However, his last film V was a dud in all aspects.

Indraganti is now coming up with a romantic drama, Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali. The film stars Sudheer Babu and Krithi Shetty and is based against the backdrop of the film industry.

During the promotional interviews, he revealed many details about his past and future projects. His film with Vijay Deverakonda got stalled due to corona. He revealed that he might do a film with Vijay on Dil Raju’s banner soon.

He also said he and Naga Chaitanya discussed some ideas, but Naga Chaitanya wasn’t too excited, and they decided to work together at a later part of their career.

Indraganti also revealed that Namrata asked to come up with an exciting subject for Mahesh Babu. But Indraganti didn’t want to pitch something that didn’t measure up to the superstar’s image. He is waiting for something exciting to pitch to Mahesh.

At one point in time, even Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed his desire with Indraganti Mohana Krishna. But the talented director, who is a big fan of Megastar, said that his stories revolve around common people, which might not suit stars like Chiru. He adds Chiranjeevi is Chiranjeevi. Unless he has something which can really live up to his demigod image, he doesn’t think he has the courage to pitch any subject to him.

We would definitely want to see Chiranjeevi with new-age directors like Indraganti, who can bring out a new dimension from the versatile Megastar.