Harish ShankarFans can turn out to be a motivation for filmmakers but sometimes they also can become a headache for the directors.

Since the time of announcement of Pawan Kalyan’s Ustaad Bhagat Singh, fans have been very anxious and critical about the film, mainly because it is being touted as a remake of Theri. They are incessantly trolling director Harish Shankar for making another remake with Pawan Kalyan.

Now Harish Shankar has thrashed Pawan Kalyan fans for their extremely disturbing behavior on social media.

Harish Shankar said that he felt Pawan Kalyan fans are like his brothers and he used to share all the exciting updates with them. But now he has decided not to give any updates because of their reckless and rude behavior towards him. They have crossed the line this time and so he will refrain from giving any updates to them as a punishment.