Director-Hanu-RaghavapudiHanu Raghavpudi finally delivered the first blockbuster in his career with Sitaramam. In all his previous films, he chose an interesting storyline but couldn’t execute it properly. But in Sitaramam everything worked out well and he finally shut off his critics.

In a recent interview with Eenadu, he was asked if there was any truth in the rumors that industry people spread the talk that he is someone who can’t be trusted.

Hanu Raghavpudi replied, “I told the same thing during the Sitaramam success meet also. Some people spread the talk in the industry that I narrate stories well, but I don’t direct films well and I am not trustworthy.”

He added, “How can anyone say, I am not trustworthy? Can I not write good stories or can I not make good films? Even to this day, I don’t understand why some people think so. I also know the names of those people who spread such talks about me in the industry. Next time when I meet them, I will definitely ask why they spread such talk about me.”

It’s true that Hanu Raghavpudi made films in the past which had an interesting first half, but got ruined by a bad second half. Let’s hope he continues his success streak from here on.