Mahesh Babu - Pawan Kalyan -- Nani V MovieThis happens a lot in the film industry where the director might develop a story imagining a hero in a particular role and finally, someone else might fit into that role rather seamlessly.

In the case of ‘V The Movie’, the same thing happened. As narrated by Sudheer Babu in a recent interview, director Indraganti Mohan Krishna told him that he had Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan in mind. Finally, Nani came into the scene as the antagonist of the movie.

Even if given a chance to pick up from the cop role and the killer role, Sudheer Babu says that he would have picked up the cop role anyway. To play the cop in this neo-noir movie, Sudheer Babu could carve himself into a leaner and fitter physique like Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’.

‘V’ is going to have a grand premiere on 5th September and the lead actors have been promoting the film on various media platforms. This is a major biggie that might act as a game change for OTT platforms.