Director Geetha Krishna ’s Cheap Talk on Heroines Sleeping for FilmsThe film industry is a deep ocean and so many things happen which go unnoticed. Many say that it is not a safe place for women. Director Geetha Krishna says that most of the heroines in Telugu are sleeping for film offers.

Geetha Krishna is known for his films like Sankeertana, Keechurallu, and Kokila. Now that he has gone outdated, he is making news by making strong comments on heroes and characters of heroines.

In one of the interviews, he takes several names and says in a cheap manner that most of the heroines who want to make it big in the industry have to give a commitment to bag offers.

On the other hand, the YouTube channels are also entertaining him and he is providing thumbnail-worthy stuff for them. Some of his last few interviews have got good views where he speaks about so many issues in a sensational manner especially Telugu heroes and their wigs, heroines relationships etc.