Director_Gatecrashes_ Shooting_Location_For_HeroineThere is this one Telugu director who tried to take advantage of an actress after providing her emotional support.

He is a mid range director who made 2-3 films. He’s tasted decent success.

Then there’s this actress who is known for second fiddle roles. Her last film was a flop though. She is awaiting a big film’s release. She plays a second fiddle in the film.

The actress recently Shooting at Aluminum Factory, This is when the director came in.

He did his best to settle the nerves of the actress and in the process, got close to her. He didn’t stop at that. He urged the actress to marry him.

Recently, when the actress was shooting for a film, the director gatecrashed and created a ruckus, shouting at the actress for signing the film without intimating him.

The situation turned worse as they got into a verbal confrontation.

It is really cheap from this budding director for playing ugly tricks to lure the actress by using humiliating tactics.