Tollywood Idea Use Burn Rs 500, Rs 1000 Notes Director Dasarath From the last two days wide news has been spreading that so many sacks of unwanted currency notes which account to black money are being thrown in the garbage all over the country.

Many rich people who do not want to account for their black money are silently discarding the money and even burning it as a waste. In such a situation many are upset that such huge money is being wasted like nothing else.

In this situation one of the talented directors in the industry, Director Dasarath thought of something very interesting and posted his idea through a note on social media.

Dasarath in his note suggested everyone who had black money to rush to hospitals and pay some of the bills of poor people who cannot afford the money. He made these comments as hospitals and many other places like these were the ones which were accepting such old notes from all over.

Dasarath’s idea has received a very good applause from all over and within the industry. If one can think it over it is really a very good of getting the money back in the society rather than throwing it as waste.