Voter Director Sai Karthik - Manchu VishnuLooks like, the thing is getting uglier by day when the director of Manchu Vishnu’s upcoming movie ‘Voter’, Sai Karthik has alleged harassment from the hero of his movie. As a response to the director’s allegations, Manchu Vishnu slapped legal notices on the director demanding Rs. 1.5 crores to use ‘Assembly Rowdy’ scenes and sequences.

Now, the director surfaced personally through a video bite asking the audiences to think how could he afford to buy the rights of ‘Assembly Rowdy’ to use the scenes and sequences for Rs. 1.5 crores when he earns only Rs 20 lakhs as his remuneration. Manchu Vishnu is claiming such demands only because the director has questioned the wrong that had happened, alleged the director.

So, the director sees a serious threat for him from Manchu Vishnu. Sai Karthik says that only the Manchu hero will be responsible if anything happens to him or for his absence. He further added that there wouldn’t be any hero in the world whose avarice for money would have stopped the release of own movie. Except for the above-said legal notice, there was no response from Manchu Vishnu’s side, so far.