Director bets on 'nothing' derogatory in FilmWhile the Chennai unit of VHP has registered a complaint on Kamal Haasan’s ‘Uttama Villain’ for hurting the sentiments of Hindus and planning for protests, the director of the film, Ramesh Arvind is cool and confident on the content quoting that his film which has been passed by CBFC by a clean U-certificate.

Actor turned film maker Ramesh Arvind is confident that his film has nothing derogatory to hurt the sentiments of any section of the society since the film happens to be the journey of a superstar and his emotions throughout and there is no scope to belittle sentiments of anyone in particular.

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VHP made the allegations based on a song clip which has lyrics referring to Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu. It’s just a line in the song and demanding for ban on just a line is something like making a mountain out of a mole hill. What say?