Director-Arrested-for-Leaking-Actress-Bathing-VideoA Bhojpuri actress shot a short film a couple of months ago and got her payment cleared too. After a few days, the actress was shocked to see her bathing video unedited leaked on the internet. Knowing what happened, the actress filed a complaint against the Director Upendrakumar Verma who was responsible for the nude video of the actress gone viral on the social media.

As the actress reported, the short film has a scene of the actress coming out of the bathroom in a towel. However, the towel came off accidentally and the same was captured in the director’s mobile which the man assured the actress of erasing it from his handset. Obviously, he didn’t erase the shot.

Verma has then uploaded the video on the internet which was also picked up by a couple of porn sites. The director was absconding since the complaint and was caught by the Versova police with the complaint received from the Bhojpuri actress after two months and is under the remand for further investigation.