Director  Anurag Kashyap to return 90 Cr losesWe have heard stars in South film industries return money if there are any epic debacles. Very rarely, if at all, we hear about such instances in Hindi films. Here is such rare instance.

Remember the film Bombay Velvet that released in summer last year. Made on a budget of over 100Cr the film was an epic disaster with “nett” collection of not even 25Cr. Director of the film Anurag Kashyap was mauled post its release and hero Ranbir Kapoor’s market took a nose dive.

After months the director who was also co-producer of the film says that he would be repaying loss incurred on the film slowly. At first a sum of 10Cr would be paid and it will go on till everything is cleared. That’s a brave decision one must say!