Anudeep Responds on Leki Comedy!Director KV Anudeep hit a jackpot with Jathi Ratnalu but his subsequent films were disappointing, critically and commercially.

His latest film, Prince, was criticized heavily for its cringe comedy. Recently Anudeep has reacted to the allegations.

He said, “I don’t have the brilliance of Charlie Chaplin. So within my abilities, I try to make people laugh without hurting anybody’s sentiments. Some people get entertained some don’t.”

He added that criticism should be constructive. “Trolling my brand of comedy as ‘Leki Comedy,’ is not done. Let me know in which scene you felt that the comedy in my film was leki so that I can improve myself. But don’t criticize randomly,” he said.

He also said, “Some people say Jathi Ratnalu succeeded luckily. I need to know what they mean by I got lucky. Did Nag Aswin put his lucky lottery money in the film? Did the actors also perform well luckily? Let me know why you think Jathi Ratnalu became a hit by fluke?”

Anudeep said that he is always open to taking criticism but trolling unnecessarily with some pre-conceived notions is what he doesn’t accept.