Amma-Rajashekar-Nithiin-Reddy-Film directors usually wish to maintain cordial relationships with heroes. But here is one director who cried foul on a hero on stage.

Dance choreographer and director Amma Rajasekhar spoke badly about Nithiin at a recent film event.

“I was the one who taught Nithiin how to dance. We worked together for Takkari. He didn’t even know how to dance till then and I taught him while working on the film. Today, I invited him to attend the promotional event of my film. But he didn’t turn up. He might have grown in his acting career but I’m his guru. He can’t disrespect me. He said he has some fever but that doesn’t mean he can skip my event,” Amma Rajasekhar said.

Sources say that when he called up Nithin, the actor politely explained him that he will be unavailable as he is going to Srikakulam and Vishakapatnam on the mentioned date of the event. The actor is taken by surprise by this attack.

For starters, Takkari is a disastrous film. It is wrong on Rajasekhar’s part to talk as if he is the one who gave life to Nithiin. He even referred to Nithiin as “vaadu” “veedu” on stage which isn’t the right thing to do.

Rajasekhar doesn’t have a good name in the industry, owing to his attitude problems. Now, he is in the firing line for bad mouthing Nithiin. His senseless talk is drawing flak from netizens.