AL Vijay Amala Paul Divorce, Director AL Vijay Amala Paul Divorce, AL Vijay Amala Paul Divorce Controversy, Director AL Vijay Divorce Amala Paul Issue, Popular Tamil director AL Vijay has landed himself in soup courtesy of the divorce issue that is going on between him and Amala Paul. The couple had officially announced they are separating recently.

The breaking of the divorce news was followed by allegations that the director and his parents were not happy with Amala Paul working in films again. The director’s father, in fact, is said to have aired his frustration directly on a channel in Kerala.

With the rising negativity surrounding him, AL Vijay has issued an official clarification that either him or his parents being against Amala’s return to big screen in untrue. Further, he said that no one but him and Amala Paul knew the actual reason for separation. Let’s see how many buy this version of the director.