Dil Raju Producers Council ElectionElections for the fiercely contested Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) are out. It was a war between Dil Raju and C Kalyan with the allegations of Guild trying to take over the Council. Here is the structure of TFPC and how the results went:

President – 1
Vice Presidents – 2
Hon.Secretaries – 2
Joint Secretaries – 2
Treasurer – 1
Executive Committee Members – 15

KL Damodar Prasad, the President candidate for Progressive Producers Panel backed by Dil Raju won over Gemini Kiran by 24 votes. YVS Chowdary and T Prasanna Kumar, both from C Kalyan’s Producers Council Panel won as Secretaries. Rama Satya Narayana of the same panel already won unanimously as Treasurer.

Bharath Chowdary from Dil Raju’s panel and Natti Kumar from C Kalyan’s Panel won as Joint Secretaries.

Ashok Kumar K and Supriya Yarlagadda from Dil Raju’s panel already were elected unopposed as Vice-Presidents.

Coming to the EC members, Dil Raju got the highest number of votes followed by DVV Danayya. Dil Raju’s panel also won a whopping 10 EC members out of the total 15 members while C Kalyan’s Panel won the remaining five.

Dil Raju’s panel won the majority of positions in the TFPC even though C Kalyan’s Panel managed some key positions like Secretaries and Treasurer. Going by the narrative of this election, the active producers of the Guild successfully took over the Producers Council as well