In a few films, a character may not have much screen space barring a couple of minutes but the whole story revolves round that character. In the recent Venky starrer, ‘Drushyam’, the character by name Varun get’s killed by Venky’s daughter within a few minutes of its appearance. Later the whole story is woven around his death and he becomes the principal focus though he doesn’t appear on screen.

The same way, in the latest Telugu release ‘Geetanjali’, Dil Raju just appears on screen for 2 minutes mouthing only two lines. He played his real life character in the movie as producer Dil Raju. Aspiring film maker Srinivasa Reddy’s characterisation revolves around Dil Raju all through the movie. Though he is invisible, Dil Raju appears all over the movie since the principal character’s focus is on him. Something like omnipresent. What a cameo boss! Behind the screen, you always have your mega share in making the movie. Two minutes on screen is enough for you to encroach all through the run time of the movie.