DIL-RAJU-VASU-VARMA-SUNIL-krishnastamiNow that the festive season of Diwali is completed we are only left with one major holiday which is Christmas. After that we have the big one in Sankranthi. For these two festivals already many movies are lined up.

It is here that the experience of a top producer like Dil Raju is coming handy. He is keeping his upcoming release Krishnastami in such a position that he could arrive for any of the two big festival seasons. He is playing a wait and watch game to see if any of the other films get postponed as his film would be ready.

Krishnastami starts Sunil in the lead. It is a film after a very long gap from the actor which has resulted in good buzz on it. With Dil Raju as producer rest assured the film is going to get best release for the actor.