Dil Raju English speech trolledDil Raju is one of the top producers in the country and commands good respect in the Telugu film industry. But sadly, Dil Raju gets trolled for his English now and then.

In many of his speeches, Dil Raju uses the word ‘IS A’ very commonly. Whenever he gives a speech in English, trollers are ready to jump on him and catch the grammatical mistakes in his English.

One such incident happened once again today at the pre-release event of Radhe Shyam. In his speech, Dil praises the director by saying ‘Radha, you are done is a very good job”.

This bit from his speech has gone viral and social media is filled with memes of this clip. Also, clips of similar blunders which Dil Raju committed in the past have also gone viral and have become a laughing stock.