Pawan Kalyan Vakeel Saab - Dil RajuVakeel Saab Trailer Launch has happened simultaneously on social media and around a hundred theatres. Dil Raju has come up with this plan to excite the Exhibitors and show that fans are ready to give a big early morning opening as usually happens.

There are apprehensions in the trade over the film because it is coming after Pawan Kalyan’s electoral failure and with an impending COVID-19 second wave. Moreover, Vakeel Saab is a remake that could not excite the trade much.

Dil Raju has succeeded and raised confidence levels of the trade as the launch is a massive success. Fans thronged to the theaters as if they are watching the film’s benefit show and that has infused confidence in the trade. In all probability, the movie’s Pre-Release business will be on fire.

Vakeel Saab releases on April 9th across the globe.