Film industry business is in itself a big gambling arena where one never knows who would become a pauper or a king overnight. Fortunes change within no time and many times predictions fall flat. Nevertheless, one of the top producers of the industry, Dil Raju is now betting out of the safe zone and giving a shocking surprise to the cine folks and trade pundits regarding his decisions.

Presently he is producing films with Vasu Varma (Josh), Harish Shankar (Ramayya Vastavayya), Bommarillu Bhaskar (Ongole Gitta) and A.S. Ravi Kumar (Em Pillo Em Pillado). All the four directors’ last releases turned out to be big flops. However, Dil Raju has roped in all the four directors for various new projects he is taking up.

Vasu Varma is busy directing Sunil’s movie, Harish Shankar is gonna direct Sai Dharam Tej, Bommarillu Bhaskar to direct the remake of ‘Bangalore Days’ and A.S. Ravi Kumar is already directing Sai Dharam Tej’s ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’. No one knows what calculations Raju has in mind while roping in these flop branded directors.