Dil RAju Warangal SrinuDil Raju organising the ‘Appreciation Meet’ for the team of ‘Naandhi‘ movie came as a big surprise for many as he is neither the producer of the movie nor distributed it in the Nizam area or any other area. He is in no way connected to the movie.

Attending a success meet is one thing, organising an appreciation meet by himself without any direct connection to the movie is another thing. What’s behind this and what’s the trade’s point of view behind Dil Raju’s act?

Coming to the details, ‘Naandhi’ is distributed by Warangal Srinu in the Nizam area. Warangal Srinu was in the news recently for firing on Dil Raju alleging the producer that he’s running theatre mafia without giving the theatres for a successful movie like ‘Krack’.

Dil Raju didn’t respond explicitly but, he has been showing signs of retaliation and the latest one seems to be this ‘Appreciation Meet’ for ‘Naandhi’. That’s how it looks, apparently. What do you think about Dil Raju’s move? Was it intentional or just a genuine move to encourage small films?