Dil Raju Puts Ram Charan Fans In A FixYesterday Dil Raju created an uproar on social media with his bold statements about Varisu’s release in Tamil Nadu. He said that he is requesting to give 50 screens more for his movie Varisu starring Vijay than Ajith’s Thunivu in Tamil Nadu as Vijay is the Number 1 star.

This has ruffled many feathers on social media, especially fans of Ajith, who revere him like a God. It is known that Vijay fans and Ajith fans keep indulging in some of the most disgusting fan wars on social media. Now this statement from Dil Raju has added more fuel to the fire.

Ram Charan fans are in a fix because of Dil Raju’s statement because Charan’s next film in the direction of Shankar is produced by Dil Raju and it is planned to be released on a big scale in Tamil Nadu as well.

Now because of this Dil Raju’s statement, Ajith fans will ensure Charan’s movie is brutally trolled. Tamil movie fans are considered to be the vilest and most brutal fans who will go to any lengths to degrade and pull down a film. Now Ram Charan fans have to involve themselves in filthy fan wars with Ajith fans during the release of Charan’s movie, which is going to be quite a daunting task.