ABN RK Open heart Dil RAJU Radha Krishna InterviewDil Raju is at the center of the storm due to Sankranthi films controversy. Dil Raju pushing more theaters for his Varasudu than Chiranjeevi’s and Balakrishna’s films.

The Senior Producer is maintaining strategic silence over the issue for many days now and finally spoke about it in Open Heart With RK interview on ABN.

This is a smart move by Dil Raju because RK is not well-versed in films as Politics and so there is no chance of grilling like some film journalist.

On expected lines, RK gave a safe exit for Dil Raju. He cleverly explained how Varasudu release is announced in advance than Veera Simha Reddy and how no production house released two films for Sankranthi in the history.

He also smartly explained how he has only 37 theaters in hold and can not dictate film releases. Dil Raju smartly pushed his version while skipping the real question.

The actual problem this Sankranthi is not a dubbing film releasing this festive season. The real allegation is Varasudu getting more theaters and better theaters than the films of Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

RK not having enough knowledge skipped the question and Dil Raju avoided the question. But then, without answering the question, the explanation by Dil Raju is still incomplete.

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