Dil RajuOmicron had completely changed the Sankranthi plans of Tollywood. While Pan-India films like RRR and Radhe Shyam were to arrive, they have got postponed now. Bangarraju, Rowdy Boys, DJ Tillu, and Hero are the films that are lined up for Sankranthi now.

Dil Raju’s brother Sirish’s son, Ashish is making his debut with Rowdy Boys. They have planned grand plans for his launch but the movie is releasing in uncertain times. There is no guarantee that the movie would release until the last minute.

So, Dil Raju paused all the offline promotions as he does not want to waste money on conducting events in this uncertain times. No wonder he is know to be a shrewd businessman. Interestingly, films like Bangarraju and Hero are risking the conditions and have conducted one event each.

Decent money is spent on both the events. A small set has been erected for Bangarraju while Hero event was done in a five star hotel in the city. Dil Raju is only promoting Rowdy Boys releasing the content only. In case the movie releases as planned, the newcomer’s film will release with bare minimum promotions.