Dil Raju's Greed Threatening Nizam BusinessThere is a whole lot of backlash on the cinema ticket pricing model in Telangana. The fact that every other film is coming with Rs 295 ticket price at multiplex is not sitting well with cinema enthusiasts. The same is happening with Tamil hero Vijay’s Beast now.

The ticket prices for Beast have been locked at Rs 295 in multiplexes and Rs 177 at single screens in Hyderabad. This has led to a fair bit of negativity on social media.

Previously, Dil Raju faced the heat for capping RRR’s ticket prices at Rs 450 in multiplexes in Hyderabad. But this film, barring slight drops in weekdays, wasn’t too affected by the high pricing model as it had a winning combination of Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR. But the audience won’t accept such irrational pricing method for all films.

“Just because the government permits a maximum of Rs 295 pricing model, it doesn’t mean the producers and distributors can enforce this for every film. Why should Telugu movie-goers spend Rs 295 per ticket – approximately Rs 1200 for a family of four – to watch a dubbed film? in this case, Beast. This is nothing but a catalyst to kill the footfalls at theatres in Telangana.” An observer commented.

Incidentally, Dil Raju also holds the Nizam distribution rights of upcoming biggie KGF 2. The Telangana government has now permitted Rs 50 hike for the film. Meaning, all the AC theatres, and multiplexes in Nizam will hike the existing Rs 295 ticket price by additional Rs 50. The endpoint is that KGF 2’s tickets will cost Rs 345+ GST for the first four days. This will be the highest ticket prices for any dubbed film ever in the Nizam region.

Netizens are now calling out Dil Raju for the unreasonably high ticket pricing system. They opine that he is ruining the much celebrated cinema-going culture in the state with his greed.

“It was all good when a ticket used to cost Rs 150 in a multiplex. Now that the government has permitted hikes, these people are exploiting it and following atrocious pricing system. If this Rs 295 pricing continues, family audience will stop turning up to theatres in big numbers and that will damage the theatrical industry.” A cine tracker said.