Dil Raju gives a life line to a small movie

Varun Sandesh and Sandeep Kishan starer D for Dopidi shooting is completed long ago but the film is lying in cans waiting release. The movie got a life line when Nani announced that he is buying a stake in the movie as he is very much impressed. He even went on to shoot a promotional song for the movie. All these efforts managed to create some buzz to the film and finally it is releasing. Dil Raju will be releasing the movie through out the AP in the next month. The senior producer cum distributor has good hold over the theaters in AP. So, the movie is expected to get big release every where.

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In the past, Dil Raju purchased ‘Happy Days’ for a very modest amount when it is totally unknown to audience and the movie later ruled the roost at the box office. D for Dopidi team would hope the same will happen with their movie too. Let see what happens!