Dil Raju Enters, Ram Charan's Dream Crashed!Senior Producer Dil Raju is known for his cost-control. He plays a safe game with many calculations for his films. When Ram Charan has announced the film with Sensational Director Shankar, everyone has their doubts about the maverick director’s form but fans were content that they would at least get a film with a technical finesse on a grand canvas.

But then, Dil Raju seems to be pulling the strings making the project according to the business rules. Except for Shankar, there is no big player in the combination. It is supposed to be Ram Charan’s first pan-India film after RRR but #RC15 gives us a feeling that is more of a Regional film.

In fact, Shankar for the film itself is a convenience. Dil Raju’s advance for Shankar for Indian 2 is being used for this project. Bringing on board, Thaman is the latest disappointment for fans. Even though Thaman has proved himself extraordinary in recent times, fans are not happy as they feel he would not be a great choice for the bigger canvas of the film.

Ram Charan fans are worried if the movie can be an apt continuation for the actor after a biggie like RRR.