Dil-Raju-Bollywood-Dil Raju is one of the most calculated producers in Telugu cinema. He has a perfect idea of the budgeting of his films and knows how much to spend on each of his films.

He also strikes good non theatrical deals through which he recovers majority of his films budgets. The senior producer has his own theater management program and operates many theaters. So, even if his films flop, the extent of the losses will be very minimal.

While Raju has made it a habit to successful films here and mint good money, his strategy is going horribly wrong in Bollywood.

Raju’s first Hindi film Jersey(Hindi remake) was a huge disaster. He then remade HIT in Hindi with the same title. This film has also opened to poor reviews and it is destined to become a box office dud.

Dil Raju is earning handsomely in Telugu but he is losing heavily in Bollywood. Perhaps Raju is yet to get a knack of the Bollywood model.