Dil Raju Clearly Misguided On Publicity AspectDil Raju is a clever producer. He knows the right budgetary plans and marketing techniques and he was largely benefited by the same till now. But now, Dil Raju has changed his stance when it comes to promotions.

In a recent interview, Dil Raju spoke about how content is all that matters now and there’s not much needed on the promotions front. He cited the Kantara example as he said the film was barely promoted but it went berserk at the box office in all major markets.

As it appears, Dil Raju is taking promotions on a lighter note. He appears to be of the impression that content is more than enough. The fact that he barely orchestrated a thumping promotional plan for his recent presentations Masooda and Love Today implies the same.

Particularly, Love Today was a blockbuster in Tamil and it has enough youthful content to pull the audience. It is doing okayishly in Telugu, but with good promotions, it might’ve done better.

Well, this really is not the right way forward. Aggressive and winning promotional campaigns will always be of great help to a film. Content is obviously the king but a good promotional round will only boost the box office prospects.

Kantara’s box office run doesn’t happen every day. Not every good content film does well without promotions. With all his experience, Dil Raju should know this better than anyone else, but his latest comments are suggesting he isn’t too interested in the same. Will he change the same with his next biggie, Varasudu?