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Dil Raju Changed It from ‘Musuru’ to ‘Fidaa’

Dil Raju Changed It from  'Musuru' to 'Fidaa'Shekhar Kammula’s ‘Fidaa’ is going to come to theatres very soon and hence the team is busy giving promotional interviews. Dil Raju is making sure that he is there for the movie while promoting it and he has some interesting tidbits to share with us.

Initially, Shekhar Kammula decided the title ‘Musuru’. Dil Raju felt that the title wouldn’t connect to the audiences as it is not a regular word we use in Telugu. He changed it from ‘Musuru’ to ‘Fidaa’. Coming to the story of the film, Dil Raju reminds us that Shekhar Kammula’s films don’t have a story.

His films are more about moments that are woven around beautiful memories. ‘Fidaa’ is also one such film, the love story between a Telangana girl who is a bit loud and a soft guy from the US. The Telangana backdrop and Sai Pallavi playing the female lead are going to be refreshing opines the producer.