Dil Raju Brings New Problem To Ram CharanNot so long ago, art director RamaKrishna left Ram Charan, Dil Raju, and Shankar’s RC15. The production house reportedly sacked him for undisclosed reason. They then onboarded award-winning production designer Ravinder Reddy.

But the latest news is that even Ravinder Reddy has quit the project, citing comparability issues. The ace production designer is no longer a part of RC15.

Apparently, there were creative and logistical differences between Ravinder and Raju during the erection of a university set for the film.

Ravinder tends to prioritise quality of the work above all and that was evident in the case of Radhe Shyam which had excellent production design. On the other hand, Dil Raju is a calculated and conservative producer. So naturally there were differences between the duo, leading to Ravinder walking out.

RC15 is already reeling under pressure as Shankar has halted the project to go work on Indian 2 and now, skilful technician Ravinder, who could’ve added a layer of aesthetics to the film has quit.